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AK500 Key Programmer

AK500 Key Programmer
Product Name: AK500 Key Programmer
Weight: 3.00 Kg
Market Price: $505.88
Our Price: $430.00
You Saved: $75.88 (15%)

AK500 covers w140 w203 w204 w208 w209 w210 w211 w215 w219 w220 w230. New function: SBC Repair function for Mercedes Benz can repair the Benz cars directly via the OBD2 Diagnostic interface.

Update: AK500 Latest Version: V1.92

AK-500 is a carefully designed multi-purpose vehicle intelligent programming system that can adapt to a very good variety of programming environments. This product is a high degree of intelligence to realize the automatic programming function. AK-500 is a specialized vehicle to meet the modern high-level computer programming complex, high-efficiency and the development of a new generation of intelligent car computer programming system.

Highlight: With the STAR into the SBC system; if it detects a failure code (C249F), it means it needs to replace the SBC.SBC replacement assembly will takes the owner cost. However, if through  repairing the data, it will save the maintenance staff and customers the cost and time .AK-500 gets  repaired directly through the car diagnostic interface (OBD-11).10 seconds to resolve the SBC internal data malfunction.AK-500 the latest upgrade of the Mercedes-Benz SBC repair function (this function device abroad is 1500USD/PCS)

Support models: 
- Mercedes-Benz: W220/W220“Keyless Go”W208/W210/W220/W203/W215/W230/W209/W219/W211/W230/W215
- BMW1/3/5/6/7/8/ MPC(MPC555/556,MPC561/562,MPC563/564),external Flash(MB58BW016,29BL802C,AM29BDD160,S29CD016,DE28F800 etc.) and external EEPROM(M95xxx)
- Volkswagen Audi:MPC(MPC555/556,MPC561/562,MPC563/564),external Flash(MB58BW016,29BL802C,AM29BDD160,S29CD016,DE28F800 etc.) and external EEPROM(M95xxx)

- Match and support function “Keyless Go” of Benz Infrared Key
- Support Benz Infrared keys lock and unlock for EIS+ESL+ESM, the leading technology all over the world- Support directly reading EEPROM for BENZ DAS (1995-1998) via OBD, can to unlock DAS when you lost all keys and DAS is locked
- Read and write the ESL of E/Class and C/Class via Kline, no need remove ESL
- No need to choose the MCU type of EIS. When load EIS file, recognize EIS file, and generate key file. If your MCU is HC705, software will automatically suggest "load next EIS file of HC705"
- Powerful Motorola MCU programming function, Directly reading dumps of EEPROM(HC908) and Flash(HC912,HC9S12,HC9S12X)for Motorola MCU, in support of the engine ECU of Benz, BMW, VW and Audi etc MPC(MPC555/556,MPC561/562,MPC563/564),external Flash(MB58BW016,29BL802C,AM29BDD160,S29CD016,DE28F800 etc.) and external EEPROM(M95xxx). An advanced tool of car ECU is repairing and programming, odometer adjustment and key programming as well.

Follow-up upgrade 
- Benz(R or W220) shift module ISM and 722.9 gearboxes ECU drive authority
- upgrade ESM read and write EEPROM. 

Product parameters: 
Online Communication Interface: USB2. 
Power Specifications: AC Input 100-240V, 50/60HZ; output 12V/2A DC power consumption: 40W

Package Including:
1pc x AK500 Host
1pc x 64G U Disk or mobile hard disk 40G
1pc x HC705 Adapter Folder
1pc x AK500 Connector Cable
1pc x ESL links 
1pc x 12V/2A Switching Power Supply
1pc x USB Communication Cable
2pc x MPC Adapter Board
1pc x 4E28B Block Adapter
1pc x EEPROM Adapter Folder

Package Specification:
Length 27cm Width 23cm Height 13cm

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