About Us

Welcome to Auto-Tool-Shop.com! ATS(acronym for Auto-Tool-Shop.com) is the key player in the automobile diagnostic tools for many years, and we have close relationship and investment in R&D centers and manufacturers. By integrating technologies and resources we are able to provide high cost performance products. Auto-Tool-Shop can help you make good value of the money. You can always have smooth communication with us via live chat and many other contact methods.


Better Quality
We work closely with major R&D centers and manufacturers and select only the best quality products.

Competitive Price
We sell in large quanlity which enable us to offer the most competitive price. 

Quick Delivery
After the payment is confirmed we will arrange the delivery normally within one day, and you can receive the goods in 2-5 days. At the first time we will send you the tracking number and you can check the delivery status in the carriers' official websites.

Compresensive After-sales Services
We are committed to provide technical support and after-sales services as follow:
(1) One year free update of the software
(2) One year warranty 
(3) Free real time technical support through online live chat, telephone and Emails

This article was published on Monday 01 July, 2013.
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